Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Have you noticed that we live in a society that likes to label people? If someone makes a certain mistake in their lifetime, some will brand them for the rest of their lives, even though the person is much different than one single event of many years previous. Labels are unwise and unfair because people change, people grow, people can become something great, even if they have a flawed past. Of all the people who have ever had a bad label, it is Thomas, the disciple of Jesus. He isn’t even called Thomas by many who refer to him. He is called Doubting Thomas. But, the fact is, Thomas was not vacillating and weak. He actually became a tremendously influential Christian leader, a missionary with few peers and eventually a martyr for his faith in Jesus Christ. He evangelized the geographical area that is called India today. He lived his last days on the top of a mountain where he constantly prayed over the cities below. One morning he was seized by enemies of the Gospel and thrown to his death. So, the legacy of Thomas is not one of doubt, it is rather the salvation of hundreds of thousands of East Indians through the years, who have referred to themselves as ‘Thomas Christians.’

In the past few months we have experienced several dramatic conversions at Crossroads…. people whose past life stories might cause them to be labeled by others as ‘Profane Paul’ or ‘Addicted Alice’ or ‘Suicidal Sam.’ But their heads and hearts are under new management. The Lordship of Jesus has regenerated them, renewed them, and refocused them for a God-honoring future. There is nothing like being part of a ministry that is changing lives for time and eternity. This coming weekend at the Ford Center, we will go deeper in our study of John 20 and the life-changing personal encounter that ‘Faithful Thomas’ had with the Risen Lord.

Pray with me....Father God, with all my heart I seek to belong to you and be transformed by Your grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Pastor Ken

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