Monday, June 10, 2013


There is a debt that all Christ-followers owe that should be paid in a timely way.  It is described in Romans 13:7, “Give everyone what you owe him: …. If respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”  This past Lord’s Day, my wife and I journeyed to Taylorville, IL to celebrate the 47th anniversary in ministry and the 27th anniversary in ministry at the Taylorville Christian Church of my lifelong friend, Dick Wamsley.  Here is why he is deserving of both respect and honor at this mile-marker in his life:

He was born the eldest of five children in Wamsley household.  While Dick was still in his early teens, his father was driving drunk and caused an accident, which resulted in the death of his best friend, who was a passenger in the car.  Later, out of guilt, his father began seeing his deceased friend’s wife.  Soon he moved out of his home, abandoning the wife of his youth and his five children, moving in with the other woman.  Consequently, Dick, as the eldest child, had to work at Dog and Suds as a carhop to help provide basic necessities for his mother, 3 brothers and sister.   He often slept on a cot in the back room of the bar his father tended.  Dick became the father figure for his younger siblings.  At age 17 he sensed God’s calling on his life to go into the fulltime Christian ministry.  He enrolled in Christian College and paid his way through undergraduate and graduate school, graduating with academic honors.  He married a good Christian girl and they raised two sons who are now married and faithfully engaged in the life of the church served by their father for over 25 years.  Dick wrote his doctoral thesis on, “Adult Children of Alcoholic Fathers.”  His church has more than doubled in size over the years.  He has served as a college trustee and has been instrumental in establishing the K-8 Vision Way Christian School.  There is more, but suffice it to say….

Last Sunday, the church was full; there was a standing ovation concluding a 2-hour service giving respect and honor to Dick for his life and leadership, his family and ministry.  I was so glad to be present and to raise my voice in tribute to my friend and coworker in the Lord.  So, who is it that you need to respect and honor in your life?  Do not let them go unappreciated…. unthanked…. unrecognized.  You don’t need to have a formal service.  Just a personally spoken word, a note, an email, a card, a phone call will make a difference.  Give what you owe.  Pay this debt.  You will be glad you did.

Pray with me…. Father, You Word is light and life to us.  The counsel of Your Word is the source of blessing and encouragement through us to others.  May we never take for granted the yielded lives of our brother and sisters in the Lord.  May we look for that which we can commend, and then take the initiative to commend it.  We pray in the name of Jesus, amen.

Pastor Ken 

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