Monday, September 23, 2013


We have a sister church in Mansfield, TX called ‘Crossroads.’  The senior pastor there, a plainspoken former student and friend of mine named Barry Cameron, recently had correspondence with a man that is worth considering:

“Hello Barry,
My name is Randy.  I was a member of Crossroads a while back and still enjoy listening to your sermons online.  I recently read an article in the Star-Telegram about a new church being formed in the area.  It meets at a place called Fuzzy Tacos on Tuesday night, to discuss the Bible and drink beer and wine.  They may open their Bibles, but mostly they talk about current events that relate to religion.  Some of my friends are thinking this is a good idea… having church without having church.  I just wanted your insight if you don’t mind.  Thanks.”

I know who you are and wondered where you had disappeared.  You ought to get back to Crossroads.  As you probably already know, there is no Biblical basis or encouragement for people to hop from church to church.  We need to plant our feet, our faith, our families and our future in a Christ-centered, Bible-based church and stay there so we can become all God wants us to be.  [Psalm 1:1-6]  You can’t uproot trees and plants and move them all around the city, somehow hoping they will be able to grow and thrive.  Christians who hop from church to church, will not experience growth and vitality, because they never put their roots down.

In regard to the latest ‘new’ church in our area:  This is another of those ‘start ups’ that will quickly ‘shut down.’  God will never bless any Christian or [so-called] church, if they live diametrically opposed to what he has revealed in his Word.  There are groups out there that appeal to the carnal nature and tell people what they want to hear rather than what is true.  Churches that sit around and drink and talk about current religious affairs are what I would call ‘group grope’ churches.  Here at Crossroads, we continue to preach the Word, in season and out of season, reproving, rebuking and exhorting with great patience and careful instruction.  People are maturing…. People are being saved as the Lord adds to the church.  People are in small groups studying the Word, verse by verse each week.  People are involved in serving in the community, doing their good works in the name of Jesus.

It would be great to have you back at Crossroads with your family, if you want to be a part of that kind of church.”

Pray with me…. Father God, give me a deep and abiding loyalty to the people you have put into my life, starting with my spouse, my family and my friends.  But Lord, do not limit me in the expression of my patient and unselfish love.  I pray my circle would include my brothers and sisters in Your forever family, the church.  I want to serve them and relate to them with unfeigned devotion.  Help me spot the counterfeits and resist the fads in church life.  Lead me to a church where Your presence is palpable and You at work, and keep me faithful there until death.  In the name of the Lord of the church, Jesus, I pray,  amen.

Pastor Ken

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