Monday, December 28, 2015


Scott Peck participated in a conference for Christian therapists and counselors in which Harvey Cox told the story of when Jesus was asked to heal the daughter of a synagogue ruler named Jairus.   As Christ went to Jairus's house, a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years reached out to touch his robe.  After asking who touched him and receiving her response, Jesus healed her and then continued to the house where the little girl had died.
After telling this powerful story from the Gospels, Cox asked six hundred "Christian professionals" with whom they most identified.  When asked who connected most with the bleeding woman, about one hundred people raised their hands.  A few others indicated that they identified with the anxious father.  The highest number of hands were raised when Cox mentioned the curious crowd.   But when Harvey Cox asked who identified with Jesus, only six hands popped up.  Scott Peck reviewed the incident and wrote about it:
"Something is very wrong here.  Of six hundred professional Christians, only one out of a hundred identified with Jesus.  Maybe more actually did but were afraid to raise their hands lest that seem arrogant. But again, something is wrong with our concept of Christianity if it seems arrogant to identify with Jesus.  That is exactly what we are supposed to do!  We're supposed to identify with Jesus, act like Jesus, and be like Jesus.  That is what Christianity is supposed to be about – the imitation of Christ."
The essence of Christian discipleship is following Jesus.  Boil down all the theological explanations for how we should live, and one truth remains: We follow Jesus Christ.  Disciples seek to understand and emulate His values, his behavior, and His view of reality.  Let's keep our faith that uncomplicated and profound in 2016.
Pray with me…Our dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to conform us to the likeness of our Savior and Lord.   On the threshold of 2016, we renew our commitment to live like Jesus.  Regardless of what the months ahead hold for us, we pledge our love and loyalty.  We pray that by the end of this calendar year we will look to You and to others more like Him.  In Jesus' name, amen. 

Pastor Ken

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