Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This past week, while on a three-day family vacation break, I read two books, which seemed at first to be unrelated. One book by Wesley Hill is titled, “Washed and Waiting.” It is the story of his personal struggle with same sex attraction and how he dealt with it as a serious Christ-follower. The second book by Roger Rosenblatt is titled, “Making Toast.” It is the story of his personal struggle with grief over the untimely death of his 37-year old daughter, Amy.

Each of the men tell of bearing a great burden. Wesley Hill carries the heart-pain of loneliness, knowing that he will be living out his life as a celibate gay man. Hill is committed that he will not to enter into homoerotic activity, nor will he seek a monogamous relationship in same sex marriage. He is a committed Christian [washed] and he is committed to sexual purity until Christ returns or he dies [waiting]. His story is a story of fulfillment and contentment that is the by-product of his uncompromised Christian faith. Roger Rosenblatt carries the heart-pain of loss, knowing that he will live out his life without the daughter who was the light of his life. Instead he and his wife have moved in with their son-in-law to help raise three pre-school children in their late sixties. His job was making toast. Rosenblatt is an atheist who also expresses his bitterness towards a God he claims does not exist. His story is a story of despair and hopelessness that is the by-product of his unbelief.

In contrasting these to autobiographical works, I found myself encouraged by the faith of one and moved by compassion for the other. Bottom line: Jesus is the Lord of life. His power and presence in our lives makes all the difference in how we handle life’s trials, whether with victory with Him or resignation without Him.

Pray with me…. Lord, thank you for your loving Lordship which makes life worth living and insures our hope for life to come. We pray for sensitivity to those around us who need to see the truth lived in our lives and need to hear the truth from our lips. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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