Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When God wants to begin a new work in the world, He almost always starts by speaking into the heart of one person. Drawing up the courage to listen, obey, and share the vision with others, these are the people we call leaders.

Over the years we've come to appreciate just how critical leadership is to church vitality. We have observed that a church's effectiveness in pursuing its God-given mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion, and skill of its leadership core. Thats why we support events like the Global Leadership Summit that work to elevate the quality of leadership within churches everywhere. It's also why we prioritize the attendance of our core leadership to attend every year to be challenged and inspired.

The leadership core of a church can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or person on the street Christ follower. What matters most is their sold-out devotion to the cause of Jesus Christ. This leadership core almost always includes men and women working in business, education, government, and the social sector.

The Global Leadership Summit welcomes all these leaders, believing that the influence and impact of the church is felt most fully when Christ-centered leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led local churches, companies, schools, governments, and social enterprises.

This the church at it's best, as God's love and care inevitably spills out into our neighborhoods, towns, and cities through acts of love, justice, mercy, service and restoration.

Join us at Crossroads for this extraordinary event:

The Global Leadership Summit
August 11-12

Register today at www.crossroadschristian.com to receive the host church discount price of $79.00. (Use code word 2011SUMMIT)

Please continue to pray for our team of High school and Middle school students who are currently in Joplin helping with the relief efforts.

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