Monday, August 20, 2012


Related to our sermon on the family, I want to recommend a book titled, Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna.   The book explores ways that parents can raise ‘spiritual champions.’  Here are the bullet points that reveal the content:

-Revolutionary parents know you can’t pass on what you don’t possess.  Kids become Christ-followers largely because they see it being lived out consistently by mom and dad.

-Revolutionary parents know godly parenting is their primary full time job eclipsing all other responsibilities.

-Revolutionary parents have a constantly developing and maturing faith.

-Revolutionary parents focus on instilling godly character as a priority.

-Revolutionary parents know that they are not called to be their child’s best friend, only his/her best parent.

-Revolutionary parents know the distinction between quantity time and quality time is a myth.  There is just time.  Spend all you can on your kids.

-Revolutionary parents trust the Bible as their family guidebook and sourcebook.

-Revolutionary parents engage in Biblical living, not just Bible knowledge.

-Revolutionary parents know their children were created in God’s image, not theirs, and they want to raise them to be imitators of God as loved children.

Pray with me… Our loving Heavenly Father, we cannot fully take it in…  The fact that we can create living, eternal souls…our own offspring…our own children.  Thank you for the gift of life that we enjoy as we seek to raise our children to know you, love you and serve you above all else.  We pray for these priorities to be evident in us and we pray that we will be successful, above all else, to plant and nurture these priorities in our kids, who are really Yours, on loan to us.  In Christ, amen.

Pastor Ken

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