Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At Crossroads, for the next seven weekends, we will be developing a theme from the Word of God that seems totally out of sync with where things are in our world today.  The theme is ‘The Good Life Now.’  Come on…. is this even remotely possible?  With the war against terrorism raging in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Or, the national debt close to the breaking point at over $16 trillion dollars?  Or, unemployment stuck at over 8%?  Or, a morally divided nation on the issues of abortion and same sex marriage?  Or, a politically divided nation during an election year?  Or, you fill in the blank….

I submit to you that experiencing the good life now has more to do with the inner life of the believer than the outer circumstances of life in the world in our generation, or any generation for that matter.  The epistle of James [the half-brother of Jesus…. same mother, different fathers] has a powerful message that can open up a whole new approach to processing whatever daily life deals us.  I will explain and apply scripture in the following ways in this series:

The Good Life Now: Blessed in Our Trials

The Good Life Now: Victorious in Our Temptations

The Good Life Now: Controlling Our Tongue

The Good Life Now: Controlling Our Temper

The Good Life Now: Living With Patience

The Good Life Now: Living With Wisdom

The Good Life Now: Faithful in Prayer

Pray with me…. Father, we need to first understand and then be empowered to life a life without limits…. the good life you desire for us to live abundantly now and eternally with You one day.  Lead us to hear and know and obey your Truth so we may live life to the full.

In the Name of the Good Life-Giver…. Jesus, we pray, amen.

Pastor Ken

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