Monday, October 14, 2013


There was once a man who went to the doctor complaining, “Doc, I have something seriously wrong with me.  When I push here it hurts.  And when I push here is hurts.  And when I push here it hurts.”  The doctor said, “We need to take some x-rays.”  Then after the x-rays had been taken and he had a chance to study them, the doctor came back in.  The man asked, “What did you find out?”  His doctor replied, “I found out that you have a broken finger.”  So it is today...We don’t really have a multiplicity of problems in our nation, in spite of the fact that some say, “Our problem is the economy.”  “Our problem is education.”  “Our problem is the Congress.”  “Our problem is poverty.”  No, it’s not any of these.  Our singular/basic problem is that we are increasingly marginalizing God and rejecting the Bible.

In William Bennett’s book, “Empower America,” he reveals that from 1960-1990, while the population increased 41%, violent crime increased 500%.  In 1972 there were 586, 000 abortions, by 1990 there were 1,680,000 [25% of all pregnancies].  Suicide continues to increase as a leading cause of death among teenagers.  Of those applying for marriage licenses in 1960, 70% were first time it is less than 50%.  In 1970, 10% of homes were single 30% of all homes have but one parent.

We do not have many problems right now, we have just one.  We have ruled God out of society.  When we get back to closeness to God, the healing will come to the land.  [II Chronicles 7:14] This is what is broken and until it is fixed, there will be pain everywhere.

Pray with me...Father, we know from personal experience that life does not work well unless the Author of Life has first place in our lives.  We invite your loving reign in us and in our land.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pastor Ken

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