Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It seems appropriate to me somehow that Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day are in chronological proximity during the month of November each year… serving as a perpetual reminder for us all to be grateful to God for the freedoms secured by our military veterans, past and present, that we honor on this day.

My personal gratitude is deep and has been renewed every year since the summer I turned 18.  The military draft was in place at the time.  My high school graduating class was the most heavily recruited during the Viet Nam War.  At age 16, I had dedicated my life to fulltime Christian ministry.  I can remember thinking I might have to postpone fulfilling God’s call for a few years if Uncle Sam wanted me.  When I received my Selective Service Registration Card in the mail, it showed that I had been assigned a deferment of 4-d.  As a future theology student, I was considered a ‘conscientious objector.’  What?  I remember thinking, “Wait a minute!  I’m not a conscientious objector!”

Nevertheless, I have always considered that my Crossroads Christian Church brothers: Mike Burkdoll, Dan Oates, Joe Wilhite, Dave Sollars and others in our Pointman ministry, took my place so I could prepare to be a different kind of warrior, fighting a different battle.  And now, almost five decades later, we are all serving side by side as Christian soldiers, a spiritual ‘band of brothers.’  God is good.

Pray with me…. Father God, thank you most of all for your favor to preserve our nation.  And thank you today for the veterans who have sacrificed both life and limb to preserve our freedoms.  We do not take them for granted, but we receive their service with gratitude.  In Jesus’ strong name, amen.

Pastor Ken

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