Monday, November 4, 2013


On the day the community of Christ-followers was established in Jerusalem, after Peter’s convicting sermon, the assembly with one voice asked in desperation, “What shall we do?”  Peter’s answer was succinct, “Repent and be baptized every one of you.”  So, the question today is simply this...if you are a believer in Jesus and if you are committed to obey Him as Lord, have you taken both of these steps?  You, yes you.  Have you done this?   If not, why not?  This is not business that you want to put off or leave unfinished.  Is this God’s Word for you today?  Is it an accident you are reading this right now?

The origin of baptism:
         1] The example of Jesus                           Matthew 3:13
         2] The command of Jesus                         Matthew 28:19
         3] The command of Peter                         Acts 2:38, Acts 10:47
         4] The example of Paul                            Acts 9:18, Acts 22:16

The candidate for baptism:
         1] One who hears the Gospel                   Acts 18:8
         2] One who believes the Gospel               Mark 16:16
         3] One who repents of their sins               Acts 2:38
         4] One who confesses Christ                    Matthew 10:32

The form of baptism:
         1] It requires much water                         John 3:23
         2] It requires going to the water               Matthew 3:13
         3] It requires going into and coming        Acts 8:38-39
             out of the water                                 
         4] It requires birth, death, burial,              John 3:5, Romans 6:4
             and resurrection                         

The purpose of baptism:
         1] To start a new life                                 Romans 6:4
         2] To put on Christ                                    Galatians 3:27
         3] To enter the Kingdom                           John 3:5
         4] To apply the blood of Jesus                  Romans 6:3
         5] To receive forgiveness of sins              Acts 22:16
         6] To receive the indwelling Holy            Acts 2:38   
         7] To provide salvation                             I Peter 3:21

I want to be used of God to help as many of our people as possible take the important step of baptism, to bring their obedience up to date.  Some churches have a low view of the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper which Jesus himself instituted.  Crossroads is not one of them.

Pray with me…You, O Lord, are the architect of the plan to reclaim Your lost creation and redeem Your lost people.  We thank You for giving us a way to respond to your grace, to humble our spirits, to express our faith, to be cleansed from sin, to mark the day of our wholehearted commitment.  And so we celebrate our baptism into Christ, and the assurance that you belong to us and we belong to You.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pastor Ken

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