Monday, February 24, 2014


My former classmate and good personal friend, the late Dr. Robert Lowery, was for many years part of the teaching faculty at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL.  He once related an experience he had consulting with a divided church.  The people were going through some difficulties in transitioning from traditional to more contemporary music in worship.   There was unrest related to the ‘retirement’ of the organ [which no one in the church had adequately played for years] vs. the introduction of drums and guitars.  After meeting with the elders to determine the best approach to maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, church members were invited to an evening meeting.  Following an introductory devotional and prayer, folks could come to a microphone and speak to this issue that was dividing the church.  During the course of the meeting, some in the audience became increasingly agitated.  Once everyone had been heard [who wanted to speak], Dr. Lowery stepped up to the microphone to summarize and comment on what he had heard.  Then, as he closed, he shocked everyone present asking, “Who, in hell, cares?”  There was absolute silence for the first time that evening.  He continued saying, “Please don’t mistake what I said.  I’m not trying to be crass.  But the question remains, who, in hell, cares?  What I mean by that is this: Who, having died and gone to hell, cares what your opinion is on what the church’s music should sound like?  Their concern is that you were too busy arguing to reach/reach out to them.  Now they’ve died and gone to hell.  So, who, in hell cares?”  Jesus once indicted the Pharisees saying in Matthew 23:23, “You have neglected the more important matters!” 

Pray with me… Dear Father… in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, by your Spirit, keep us focused on the things that matter in eternity.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pastor Ken

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