Monday, July 14, 2014


It’s true… One of the best things our Heavenly Father does is keep us from knowing what will happen in the future.  Just think of all the bright surprises you have especially enjoyed because you did not know they were coming.  On the other hand, think of all the bad experiences you haven’t had to dread because you did not know they were coming.  God is good not to show us tomorrow!  Our wise Lord gives us His grace one day at a time.
And what is true for us was also true for David in the Old Testament. David was anointed by the prophet Samuel to be the next king in Israel.  Then he lead out in a decisive victory over the Hebrew’s perpetual enemies, the Philistines, by bringing down their greatest warrior.  But if you think David ascended quickly to the throne, you would be wrong.  It didn’t happen that way.  In fact, the euphoria of being anointed king and being victorious over Goliath ushered David into one of the deepest, longest and darkest valleys of his life.  He became outcast, fleeing from King Saul, who became resentful of David’s favor in the sight of God and the people.  So David moved from a season of celebrity into a season of despair, from being a hero to becoming a fugitive.  Yes, God was good not to tell David all that was coming his way.  
But David presses hard into the protective care of the Lord.  He pursues God’s heart through it all. He seems unaffected by either overnight success or by undeserved shame.   It is a rare person who can handle the ups and downs of life with such resiliency.  When surprised by joy or slammed with disappointment, David seemed to thrive because of his pursuit of God’s heart through it all.  May we do the same!
Pray with me… Father God, you are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.  We praise you for the good times and we praise you in the bad times.  In the strong name of Jesus, amen.

Pastor Ken

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