Monday, June 30, 2014


Certainly one of the most dynamic and godly leaders in the Old Testament is Joseph.  For years I have delivered a leadership talk based on an overview his life.  From the time he was a young man of 17 years, he was profoundly influential in the lives of others.  He ascended from a pit to the palace in Egypt.  He was a prisoner who became the prime minister of the most significant country in the world at the time.  He rose from obscurity to notoriety.  What was the secret that enabled him to move up from the bottom of life’s barrel to the pinnacle of success?  What empowered him and propelled him from anonymity to celebrity?  There is a foundational trait revealed in chapters 37-50 of Genesis that marked Joseph’s life.  It is indispensible for any effective leader. 
Genesis 37:5 reveals, “Joseph had a dream.”  This dream was the key to his impactful leadership in that generation.  Okay, so how do you get a dream if you don’t have one?  How do you get a vision of how God might be at work in you and through you to influence others?  You open your heart to God in prayer and then you open your mind to the trustworthy counsel of others.
On Thursday and Friday, August 14 & 15, our church at Crossroads is a host site for the Global Leadership Summit.  The teaching and counsel offered by some very gifted presenters, who are also proven leaders in business, government, entertainment and the Church, has the potential to ignite a passionate dream in you.  I cannot think of an experience that would do more to allow the leader/influencer in you to rise up. 
This experience is available to our church family at our special pricing as a host site church… $79 for the two days.  Registration can be done online at   You will come away from this event with a dream!

Pastor Ken

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