Monday, December 1, 2014


In the first few verses of Mark’s Gospel, chapter two, we are introduced to four nameless men who carry their catatonic friend to Jesus for healing. When they could not get into the house where Jesus was teaching, they removed the roof and lowered their friend right down in front of him. Jesus ‘saw their faith’ and He was impressed enough that he immediately forgave the man’s sins and raised him up from living death.
So, what did Jesus see that was so impressive?  He saw compassion, conviction, cooperation and creativity. Their compassion was demonstrated in the effort they extended and the energy they expended to carry their friend, for who knows how long and from who knows how far, to Jesus for healing. They cared about him.  Someone has said, “The world will not care how much we know until they see how much we care.”  Theirconviction was demonstrated by their determination to get their friend in front of Jesus. They did not have the slightest doubt that Christ was the answer to their friend’s need for spiritual help and physical healing.  Their cooperation was demonstrated in their willingness to both think in harmony and act in unity. When they addressed the challenge of how to get their friend in front of Jesus, there had to be differing opinions, yet the four of them acted as one.  Their creativity was demonstrated in their decision to remove the roof and lower their friend down in front of Jesus. They did a new thing. It was the right thing for sure. What does our Lord see when He looks at our faith?
Pray with me…Lord Jesus, we know that you are a discerner of the thoughts and intents of our hearts.  You know our rising up and our going out and our coming in and our lying down.  All of your ways are known to You alone.  We want our hearts to be pure and our lives to demonstrate a faith walk that will get your attention.  We want you to see us in the same kind of self-forgetful faith that characterized the four men who brought their friend to You for healing.  May our thoughts be daily focused and our actions be daily invested in bringing others to You.  Amen

Pastor Ken

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