Monday, December 8, 2014


We live in an age in which only one prejudice is tolerated – anti-Christian bigotry.  Michael Novak, the eminent columnist, once said that in today’s world you can no longer hold up to marketplace ridicule any group that is distinguished by race, color, nationality, gender, religion or sexual preference… except one.  Today, the only group you can hold up to public mockery is Christians.  Attacks on the Church and Christianity are common.  As Pat Buchanan once put it, “Christian-bashing has become a popular indoor sport.”
But the truth is this: Had Jesus never been born, this world would be far more miserable than it is.  In fact, many of man’s noblest and kindest deeds find their motivation and inspiration in love for and loyalty to Jesus Christ.  Some of our greatest accomplishments also have their origin in service rendered to the humble Carpenter of Nazareth. 
Christianity’s impact on the value of human life, compassion for the poor and infirm, education, the founding of America, civil liberties, science, economics, morality, the family, health and medicine, music and the arts is well documented in unbiased history.  And, perhaps the most personal and powerful influence of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is documented in the biographies of the multiplied millions of people whose lives have been radically changed from the inside out by Him.
Pray with me…Father God, we thank you for your patience with this planet we call ‘earth’ that has demonstrated such broad and deep spiritual rebellion in recent years, particularly right our homeland…America. Open the eyes of our people to the truth that Jesus alone saves, keeps and satisfies.  We pray for the restoration of our distinctive as a truly Christian nation, so the nations of the world will come to know You, love You and serve You.  In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Pastor Ken

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