Monday, September 14, 2015


One of the valuable insights I have retained from my study of logic in college is that there are certain  ‘logical fallacies.’  One of them is called the ‘argument to moderation.’  It asserts that given any two positions, there exists a compromise between them that must be correct.  The form here is that… Person #1 says ‘A’ and Person #2 says ‘Z’… therefore, somewhere around ‘M’ must be correct.  But the argument to moderation is a logical fallacy.  It cannot be applied when it comes to ethics and morality. 
Because there is no compromise possible when it comes to truth.  Truth is truth.  If there are angels, demons, and God, then there are angels, demons, and God.  If there aren’t, there aren’t.  Compromise and splitting the difference work fine in some cases, but not in determining what is true.  Many people today are searching for the ‘land in between’ or the ‘middle ground’ when it comes to truth.  But it does not exist.  They want to believe that compromise is possible, but it is not.  You have to choose what you believe is true and stand by it as a conviction. 
So… Pre-marital sex…sin or not?  Adultery…yes or no? Abortion…right or wrong?  Homosexuality…moral or immoral?  Same sex marriage…acceptable or unacceptable?  Terrorism…evil or good?  Child abuse…okay or not okay?  These issues are frontpage news today.  And many people are trying to decide where they stand.  Some would like to believe there is some argument to moderation.  But, there is not.  There is only the answer of secular humanism or the answer of scripture. The ethical road has forked in front of us.  The middle ground has disappeared.  A choice must be made.  There are but the two options.  It is a logical fallacy to think that some kind of compromise is possible.
It is reminiscent of the day the road forked in front of Joshua in Joshua 24:15, “…Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

He would either serve the idols of the non-existent deities of the Egyptians or the Lord God, maker of heaven and earth.  He made the right choice.  He embraced true truth.  He made it clear to Israel by his example; there was no middle ground, no land in between.  They would either be all in or all out. 
Pray with me… Father God, our life of faith comes down to choosing.  Choosing You.  Choosing to believe You.  Choosing to believe You sent Your Son Jesus, who was the very embodiment of truth, to save us.  We believe and here we stand… In His Name, amen.

Pastor Ken

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