Monday, July 29, 2013


Proverbs 13:3, “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”

When betrayed by Judas, Jesus stood silently, even though He could have called twelve legions of angels to His defense.  Then came the mob and laid violent hands on him, arresting Him.  Peter, true to his impulsive nature, drew his sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant.  [He was likely aiming for the middle of his skull!]  Peter was thinking, “We don’t have to take this!”  But, Jesus said, “No Peter, that’s not how you handle things.”  Then, he reattached the man’s ear healing it by His touch. [Luke 22:51].  Peter had a habit of talking when he should have been listening, and doing things that he later regretted.  He needed to learn how to wait on God, to exercise humility and discernment.  God had great plans for Peter, but if he wanted to serve and save people for Christ, he couldn’t do it by lashing out when he felt angry.  There is a good lesson here for us.

Our abrasive words or thoughtless reactions can cut off people’s ability to hear.  We must be disciplined in our reactions and actions.  We must be sensitive to God: If He tells us, “Say nothing,” we must stand there quietly, even if it means letting someone think they’re right even when they aren’t.  How many times does our defensive, retaliatory impulse hinder the power of God to work in our lives and in the lives of others?  Galatians 5:23 teaches that “the fruit of the Spirit is self control.”  A Spirit-controlled temperament often means being silent when we are tempted to speak and standing still when we might feel like acting out.

Pray with me…. Father God, on this first morning of a new week before us, empower us, by the Holy Spirit, to exercise control over our tongues and tempers regardless of the situations we may face.  In the strong Name of Jesus, amen.

Pastor Ken

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