Monday, July 8, 2013


Take a look at this email I received from an anonymous young woman after the first of three messages from the Song of Solomon on God’s design for romantic love:

“I love how much of The Word we are getting into and that this series is focused on one specific book!  It’s super-practical.  I also appreciate the way in which you have tackled the topic with discretion, yet honesty.  This is a topic I am really passionate about!

You see, my junior year of high school I was in a verbally abusive relationship with an atheist.  I was a Christian myself, but had taken a wandering path.  As that relationship continued, I had given up my virginity.  It became an ongoing thing with that boyfriend because once I had given it up I figured there was no fixing what I had done.  During this time I struggled with self-inflicted injury as an effort to gain control over my circumstance.  Eventually I was brought out of that relationship and back on track in my relationship with The Lord.

Fast forward to my freshman year at the university.  The roommates next door to me on both sides, and the roommates across the hall from me all would frequently engage in sex during the weeknights.  It was so loud that it would disturb my sleeping.  As I would lie there and hear it, painful memories would replay in my conscious mind, over and over nightly.  It was a very emotional time for me, filled with angst, guilt, anger, and most of all, sadness.  At this point in my walk I was well aware of the forgiveness that Our Father God had given me.  But this taught me that I had neglected to forgive myself.  It took some time and great counsel from sisters in Christ, but I finally got to the point I was able to let go.  Now, it has been AMAZING to see how The Lord constantly uses this chapter in my life to reach other people and to share His love and grace!  

This leads to my request!  Could you somewhere in this series give a reminder of God’s grace for people like me – who have fallen short of purity?  I know that [like me] there are young women [and men] who have given in to sexual temptation and may not see the point of stopping…A reminder that they can experience God’s forgiveness and they can start fresh today…Thank you so much for your time and wonderful efforts.”

Needless to say, this young lady is right.  God does not lock us into our past failures.  His mercy is new every morning.  He specializes in repairing brokenness in the lives of His children.  He is the God of a second chance.  “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us and purify us from ALL unrighteousness.” 
I John 1:9  NIV

Pastor Ken

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