Monday, March 24, 2014


A 2013 Harris Poll shows that 75 percent of Americans believe in God.  This is a significant number, but down a bit in recent years.    According to the same survey, 68 percent believe in some concept of the deity of Jesus, and 65 percent believe in His resurrection.  In addition, 68 percent believe in heaven, while only 58 percent believe in hell.  This recent objective research demonstrates that America is indeed a predominantly Christian nation, regardless of what politicians, movie stars or the media ‘talking heads’ may say.

Kirsten Powers is a Democratic Party strategist and political commentator for various news outlets.  She spent much of her adult life as an atheist.  In various interviews she has recounted her journey to Christian faith.  She had always considered evangelical Christianity in particular to be anti-intellectual and directly related to a particular political ideology.  Then she began dating a man who asked if she could keep an open mind about Christianity.  She prided herself on her open-mindedness, so she started attending Redeemer Presbyterian Church, listening to the preaching of Tim Keller.  Little by little she came to faith.  The relationship with the boyfriend didn’t last, but her faith in Christ did.  She described her conversion as changing her perspective and bringing her a sense of great joy.

This story has been replicated time and time again.  General Lew Wallace, 11th Governor of New Mexico Territory, set out to disprove the Gospels and wound up writing Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ… A best selling book since its publication, it has been called the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century.  Lee Stroebel, columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, began studying the Bible to undermine his wife’s newfound Christian faith.  Instead, he became a Christ-follower and pastor.  He has also written 3 best selling books defending the Christian faith…The Case for Faith, The Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator.

Pray with me…Father, I thank you that no one has to turn off his/her brain to be a follower of Jesus.  I thank you that when we truly love you with our minds, it will resolve our doubts and deepen our confidence that your Word is true.  I pray for a more honest quest by unbelievers everywhere to investigate your truth. And I pray that as believers, we will live lives that demonstrate the difference Jesus makes so they will want to know, love and serve him too.  In His name I pray…amen.

Pastor Ken

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