Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A few years ago I had a personal frontal assault by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  It did not distract me in the least since I have the strong conviction that if you are criticized/opposed by certain individuals/groups it actually carries the force of a compliment.  Your character is revealed as much by who your enemies are as by who your friends are.  And if you are opposed by the FFRF, believe me, you are in good company. This anti-Christian organization becomes more militant with every passing year.  Their most recent assault is to file a federal lawsuit against Concord Community Schools in Elkhart, IN demanding an injunction that would forbid the school from the presentation of a live Nativity Scene in telling the story of the birth of Jesus at Christmas!
The FFRF has, in recent years, waged a relentless campaign of fear and intimidation against churches and schools across America…all for the purpose of eliminating Christianity from the public marketplace.  But, unlike many educators, the Concord School Boardhas decided to stand up to the out-of-town bullies and has refused to comply.   They have drawn a line in the sand to say, ‘No further!’  Finally!  A school district unwilling to retreat, willing to fight these liberal Wisconsin bullies in open court.  Thousands have rushed to the school district’s defense.
Pray with me…Father God, You are our ultimate defender and vindicator.  We confess it is sometimes hard to know when to stand down and when to stand firm.  We pray for Your wisdom to be ours as we try to balance extending grace and contending for truth in our witness for Jesus our culture and in this generation.  We are jealous for Your name and cause.  At the same time, we know it is not by might or by power, but by Your Spirit we will overcome.  In the Name of Jesus, amen.

Pastor Ken

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