Friday, October 23, 2015

Special Message 10/23/15

Last weekend [10.17-18.15] at Crossroads Christian Church there was a disruption toward the conclusion of the 10:45 AM worship service created by a vagal episode [fainting] experienced by a man seated in the rear south section of the Worship Center.  It appeared to his wife and daughter that he was having a heart attack, which was understandable since he grabbed his chest and passed out.  They cried out for help and several responded, among them… a heart surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, an emergency room doctor, an EMT and a registered nurse! The worship center was packed for the 10:45 service, so many others who were justifiably concerned also responded.  Pastor Ken redirected our attention to the front and finished the teaching which was [providentially?] on the topic… God Works The Night Shift: “He is Helping Me So I Can Help Others.” 
Here is an update from the wife’s Facebook page: “Dear friends and family, thank you so much for praying! Jeff had an episode at church this morning that scared us. He passed out, became unconscious, and caused quite the stir! I called for a doctor in the house and they were jumping pews to get to us. He even had a string of external chest compressions for good measure! He awakened and was transported to the ER via ambulance. They believe he had a vagal response causing the episode. His heart was checked, blood work and EKGs all normal, praise God! He is home and we will continue looking into this. We have seen the hand of God so much the past 2 weeks. This morning was no exception. Our "big" church became small as people stopped and prayed, took my upset daughter and prayed, and drove my car to the ER. The church stopped and prayed. That's right; the whole church! I love my church home, and my friends who stopped wherever they were today on a whim to pray…And, I'm so thankful. 
Some ‘learnings’ from this event:
-Crossroads is blessed to have both medical people and law enforcement people in every service, who are trained and authorized to intervene in the event of an emergency.
-When a disruption in a service happens in a room as large as our worship center, the most helpful thing you can do is to remain seated and quiet, allowing our response personnel to do their jobs most effectively.
-Silently pray for the person/persons who have been affected.  More often than not, a pastor will stop and lead out in prayer… immediately, IF the nature of the situation is known, and otherwise before the conclusion of the worship service.

Pastor Ken 

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